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Featured Video

A rough animated storyboard of Episode 1 with voice acting and placeholder music. We're still far from done here, but watching this will give you a good idea of what Meager Quest is all about.

About Meager Quest

Your new favorite animated web series is on its way.

Meager Quest is an animated comedy series about a simple, content farm boy whose life suddenly takes him out of his comfort zone when he happens upon a legendary talking sword while plowing his fields. At the request of this debonaire, opportunistic sword, he reluctantly sets off on a noble yet vague quest to "rid the land of evil." he must overcome his doubts, press forward through the vagueness and uncertainty of his quest, and fully embrace his role as chosen one in order to truly become a hero.

We've long had a love of adventure tales, playing games like the Legend of Zelda and reading books like the Hobbit. We wanted to explore how an average, introverted, timid sort of person might react to the news that they were "supposed" to set out to change and save the world. This story includes themes of adventure, the differences between introverts and extroverts, faith, growth through experience, and discovering one's own potential and calling in life.

Our project is currently in need of artists willing to collaborate with us on artwork and animation. If you have the skills, contact us and let us know you'd like to get involved.

Featured Artwork

Finished Artwork and rough sketches from our work on Meager Quest.

Reaching for the Sword

Finished Artwork

Watching the Sunset


The Buried Blade


The Orphaned Hero




The Hero Embarks


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